Product / Service #1


Investors participate in the project by purchasing QuCoins, which are a blockchain token option with underlying asset of 1kg Quartz. Qu2

The unique conditions are offered to early investors (to 50%).

Product / Service #2


Investors can ask for their funds to be returned at any point after the ICO ends within the first month.

All funds go to the construction of production.

Product / Service #3


Crowdsourced funds will be used to construct a state-of-the-art green manufacturing facility for the production of Quartz. Qu2 with purity >66%.

Production areas were also chosen

Product / Service #3


The equipment is installed on the production line within 2 months

Each investor has the opportunity to visually control the construction, installation of equipment and commissioning works through the project site

Product / Service #4


At the end of the construction period, the production of synthetic concentrate Qu2 begins.

After commencement of production, the enterprise begins shipment of a manufactured product to buyers in conformity with the signed agreements.

Product / Service #5

Planned purchase

After the start-up of the enterprise, the purchase of QuCoins begins at the current price of 1 kg of quartz concentrate Qu2 (equivalent to at least $ 400,000 monthly).

Each investor has the right to choose between the sale of token and the receipt of relevant quantity of Quartz. Qu2


What is QuСoin?

  1. QuCoin is the first ever blockchain option for investing in the production of an in-demand industrial material.
  2. QuCoin is not susceptible to inflation or typical cryptocurrency volatility. As such it is a reliable tool for the preservation and growth of capital funds
  3. Investing in QuCoin in the early stages of the project allows you to make a profit
  4. We are committed to complete transparency at every stage of the investment cycle, from production to deployment and QuCoin buy-back


  1. QuCoin is a liquid trading asset
  2. Investors can receive back the funds they have committed at any point after the end of the ICO within the first month
  3. After production launches, the manufacturer will buy up a minimum of $400,000 of QuCoin per month
  4. Investors can redeem their QuCoin for physical Qu2 if they prefer

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